Cue Accents

Black Agate x Howlite Gemstone Beaded Bracelet | Third Eye Crown and Root Chakra | Men’s and Women’s Bracelet | Unisex Bracelet

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Black Onyx x Howlite x Stainless Steel Gemstone Bracelet Tap into your third eye, crown, and root chakras with this uniquely elegant healing energy bracelet. Utilizing the jet deep dark tone that is Black Onyx gemstone beads, with a pop of contrast white toned Howlite gemstone beads, this piece is all about awareness and grounding. The Black Agate stone is a stone of protection, fortune, focus, and willpower. It is a stone meant to ground you, bringing about the truest reflection of your soul. The Howlite stone is a stone of stillness, tranquility, and wisdom. It is a stone that aids in clear vision, and remaining cool and collected through tempestuous storms. Dress up a casual look, or add a pop of pizazz on a formal look, but ultimately: stay grounded, clear sighted, removed from the shallow, calm and at peace, with this simply elegant piece. Take the cue. IG: @CueAccents






Available in Black