Thinking forward. Pushing progress. And testing procedures.

New Era Assistance & Revenue (NEAR) was designed to be more than just a convenient way for you to purchase the things you need every day. It was designed to also reduce barriers of entry for aspiring entrepreneurs and to equip existing businesses with eCommerce and delivery capabilities for the sake of remaining competitive. In the end, we hope to improve the local economy by helping to drive sales and job growth while reducing everyone's carbon footprint with shorter shipping distances and the use of electric cars. NEAR.delivery is intended to be more than a marketplace built for consumer convenience. Hopefully it also pushes social progress.

NEAR.delivery is also a subsidiary of the social-minded conglomerate, New Era Ventures. The mission of New Era Ventures is to democratize industries by creating products that reduce barriers of entry for aspiring enterepreneurs and increasing capital for low-to-moderate-income people. The growing company currently owns business in skincare, technology, and real estate.


Byers is a serial entrepreneur, academic and investor with degrees from the University of Missouri and Harvard University. As a professor at Howard University, he taught economic development and now owns businesses in skincare, real estate, and technology. He manages all facets of NEAR.delivery.


Moreau graduated from Harvard University with a degree in applied mathematics and has over 9 years of experience in software development. He manages the development of the NEAR.delivery platform.


Fizer-Wright is from New Orleans with a passion for serving underprivileged communities. He graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, minoring in African Studies. He is a NEAR driver and logistics-coordinator, handling fleet operations and product delivery.