Calabash Tea & Tonic

CALA-Box: CBD Edition Hempy Holidays!

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CALA-BOX: CBD EDITION HEMPY HOLIDAYS! Contains: Organic Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Lovingly sun-grown and exclusively crafted for Calabash Tea & Tonic by native Piscataway farmers. My Last Good Nerve Latte - Soothe those frazzled nerves with the relaxing scent and taste of lavender! Helps ease anxiety, lifts the blues and soothes nerves because... life. Buds and Suds CBD Soap - This self-care must-have is infused with CBD flowers and hemp oil -- leaving skin and hair clean and moisturized. Roasted Hemp Seeds - A delectable, crunchy snack rich in omega-3s, protein and all 9 amino acids! Tasty in stir-fry, on salads, in baked goods or right in your mouth. Organic Hemp Hearts - Try on yogurt, smoothies and salad! Loaded with 10g of protein and 12g of 3 and 6 omegas. A delicious and nutty flavor! CBD Coconut Butter Lip Scrub - Exfoliate yourself into softer, smoother lips with the power of hemp.